When it comes to bookings, Brodie is once again multifaceted in the ways he can provide his service of entertainment:



For over a decade, Brodie has been offering the service of Hosting/Emceeing to a board spectrum of audiences. From Talent Shows, to Weddings, Fashion Events, and even his very own talk show as a curated broadcaster. Brodie’s quick wit, handsome charm, and coordinating skills are what make Brodie such an exceptional host for any kind of event. 


The Lucid Fairy Experience:

Brodie has created a mystical creature character in which to perform as, who is the culmination of all his skills as a performer. The Lucid Fairy is her own, one act show where she Sings her own original content, dances with different forms of flow art (Basic, Fabric, and LED Fans), and also incorporates some fun audience interaction. This act is sure to be a hit at both private and public functions. For more information, go to the personal website of The Lucid Fairy:


Elton John Tribute Show:

One of Brodie’s favourite artists of all time is Elton John, and what better way to pay homage than his very own Elton John Tribute Show! 

Brodie performs in a lounge type setting some of Elton’s biggest hits, and this act is a great addition to all kinds of public and private events. 

Please get in touch to inquire about more details of this act.